Welcome to the Cambridge–Oxford Alumni Club of Hungary

The idea of the Cambridge–Oxford Alumni Club of Hungary was conceived in the famous Centrál Kávéház in December 2017. Founded by Hungarian alumni of both universities, the Club aims to provide an international platform where alumni of Cambridge and Oxford of all generations can meet, exchange ideas and create new friendships. We are also focusing on building ties between Hungary and the United Kingdom with a particular focus on Cambridge and Oxford, as well as on promoting interaction among our members.

Our events are taking place from September 2018 in both Hungary and the UK. While most of these gatherings are organised in Budapest and London, we are planning to host reunions in Oxford and Cambridge as well. Our Club welcomes alumni of the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and we are delighted if current students join as visitors during our events. Please take some time to discover our website where you will find useful information about our structure and events.